Please Remake Pokemon First Gen!

Pokemon-X-and-YBeing a fan of Pokemon it really upsets me that the announcement made this week by Satoru Iwata (President of Nintendo) was not for a remake of the original Pokemon games. Pokemon Blue, Red, and Yellow were a big part of my childhood, and were the most memorable Pokemon games of our time. Instead of hearing the rumored remake of these games, we got a new look into an extension of the Pokemon world…Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. Sure it’s cool that we’re seeing the creativity of Pokemon become more, but I think it’s time for a remake of the classic games that made Pokemon into what it is today.

I really don’t see why they just don’t do it. Just imagine a day where Nintendo announces a 3DS remake of the Pokemon Blue and Red game…the biggest generation in Pokemon (early to mid 90s kids) would go nuts over it. A very large portion that does not have a 3DS yet would actually buy the system just to play this game. It has huge potential for Nintendo and GameFreak…it really confuses me as to why they haven’t done this yet. This was a massive opportunity for them…they are showing the 3D feature in a Pokemon game for the first time, they are willing to spend the time and resources into creating a 3D Pokemon game, why not use it on a bigger chance by making it into the classic games. It would definitely bring in a huge amount of sales to both the 3DS console itself (which is huge profits for Nintendo) and then the game (even more profits to Nintendo and it’s closest developer GameFreak).

Instead they’ve introduced Pokemon X and Pokemon Y…Come on Nintendo, you could have been a bit more creative and made a better name. I understand you’re running out of colors, but come on, X and Y? Sounds like a project name if anything. On top of it, they’re introducing new starter Pokemon which I do and don’t have problems with. Okay, cool for bringing in new starter Pokemon but the ones they brought in just seem really childish, and aren’t really what I would think of a starter character to work with. In the end though we can always give it a shot and maybe their in-game usage will change our mind on it.

So what do you guys think of all of this? It really sucks that we’re not going to see a remake anytime soon (at least in 2013) but why do you think Nintendo hasn’t remade the classic games?


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