More Leaked BF4 Info

It was about 48-72 hours ago that the news of Battlefield 4 beta was in the works to be released for those who preorder the new Medal of Honor: Warfighter video game…although it didn’t seem entirely legit at first because it was just a banner on Origin that could easily be photoshopped, but EA came through and confirmed it. So now that it’s confirmed to be in the works lets talk about the other possibilities that might be in store for us about Battlefield 4.

Let me remind you of one important things (As I do in all posts like this one) THIS INFORMATION IS NOT CONFIRMED! Probably some thoughts that came into ones head, put it on Twitter, people believed it, and I’m here to write about it. Lets move on! So first lets talk about the game engine being used. We know it will for sure be Frostbite 2, maybe an overhaul of it, but nothing major. The Frostbite 2 engine has only been shined in dim light for what it can create. Remember BF3 was being made in the process of Frostbite 2, and it took only about 3 years to do entirely…that’s not a lot of time for a game engine like Frostbite 2 and a game like BF3. So what are these apparent leaks stating…well to start off most of them say it will be similar to BF3, almost too similar to call it a new game. In my opinion it won’t be too similar to not call it a new game. You can do a lot to a recent new game engine, and make a sequel to a video game look decent. For instance, the differences in COD4 and MW2…the colors are a lot brighter between the two games, and that made a huge difference. Something so simple made the game look a lot sharper. Think about that for BF3 but maybe with something different…maybe more detail up close, which would ultimately change the appearance in all degrees. That one small change (which is a lot of work for the developers) can make the game look new. So overall I say you should ignore this rumor, leak, whatever it may be.

DICE ISN’T WORKING ON Battleifield4?!? This may or may not be true, now here’s why it may not be. They are working several expansions at once, and from what I remember at E3, they plan to release PLANNED expansions until March of 2013…that’s a lot of freaking time you guys. So can DICE really make these expansions (which are a decent expansion size) and make a new game in time for a 2014 release? It is possible but with a staff size that DICE has it’ll be hard. Now why could it be DICE? Mainly because Battlefield 4 may not be a huge kind of game that some may be thinking. It honestly may be the MW2 to COD4. Which would be unfortunate but they may go that direction. I really hope they don’t to be honest.

“This is for new gen consoles and PC only”…so at E3 we didn’t see any hint of PS4 or a new Xbox which really sucks for all of us, but it still gives time for 2014 release games. So could BF4 not be on the PS3 and Xbox 360? Highly, highly unlikely. The Xbox 360 and PS3 are still great gaming consoles…and the PS3 still has another 2 years before it’s considered outdated…sorry Microsoft but your gaming console was outdated a couple years ago already. (Time to do something about that interface already) If anything this game will be a late 2014 release and be made for current gen consoles, and new gen (+PC). Don’t worry you won’t have to spend $400+ to play Battlefield 4 you console players…although you won’t be cool unless you have a new gen console when they come out!

These are just some supposed leaks I read through Twitter, and just conversations in forums and what not you guys. I do not believe most of these, but thought I’d write something about it. Check out The Nerd Hour Podcast which has made it’s come back recently…follow me personally on Twitter @zookkz I tweet about random shit, retweet funny stuff, and talk crap about random people. Peace out gamers, and nerds.


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