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As a listener of This Ordinary Guy you may notice multiple references to Julie Day & Associates in our upcoming episodes and interviews. Below is a full description of what JD&A is and how they are helping to change the lives of those who are less fortunate. The Ordinary Guy Network proudly supports JD&A.



Julie Day & Associates (JD&A) is about music collaborations from across the globe, professional compositions in many genres (rock, pop, alternative, new age, country, etc.), and promoting music and performance while giving back.  With a tagline of “Keep Enjoying The Music”, they believe that the music becomes even more when donating, and they are passionate about their main causes.  JD&A openly invites you to join in with their causes.  JD&A causes include:  Children’s Hospice/Johnny’s Angels (johnnysangels.org), Services for Brain Injury (sbicares.org), Helping the homeless Inn Vision the Way Home (InnVision.org), and support for our climate.  JD&A has given to other organizations as well – UNICEF USA, American Diabetes Association, I Spot Compassion, and have volunteer promoted for diverstocollege.com, Underdog Radio, and David Kemler’s NewMusicTampaBay.com.  Musicians, Bands, Songwriters, and Performers such as Dedline, Noize, Grant Duncan, Bob Hausler, Terry Burdette, Zahid Bashar Pankaj, and Luke Morris make up the base of associates at JD&A.  However, they are in talks with and working on upcoming projects with other artists as well.

What are the current projects at Julie Day & Associates?

All of the JD&A songs are downloadable from the JD&A store and give 50% of proceeds to their main causes.  Currently downloads are generating proceeds in support of Services for Brain Injury (SBI) in San Jose, CA www.sbicares.org.  JD&A has included Terry Burdette’s song “Wild Heart” in their store too.  Terry’s song was inspired by and is based upon the true story of Brock Savekoul and his chase with the law. Brock received brain injury as a result of fighting in war, and his story aired on NPR.  SBI has adopted Terry’s song as a fundraiser.

JD&A is working on a CD with Mark Osborne and RJ “Ringo” Jukes called “A Special Gift”; which is a Johnny Depp fans for charity Special Angel Project to benefit Children’s Hospice and Palliative Care Coalition (CHPCC) at www.johnnysangels.org.  Lyrics on this project are by Julie Day and Mark Osborne, with Music Arrangement by Mark Osborne.  Julie, Mark, & RJ are all Special Angels at Johnny’s Angels, and Julie says, “JD&A is honored to have Ringo in on this CD with us, and there are a couple other surprise musicians on this project too”.  The band fittingly calls itself “Johnny’s Rockin’ Angels”, and Julie and Mark are in the process of raising funds in order to finish this project with the best in- studio recording, mixing, mastering, packaging, and distribution possible.  “We want the children of Children’s Hospice, as well as the public, to be able to listen to a very quality and enjoyable music CD.  Our plan is to offer this CD free to the children of CHPCC, and as a download to the public so folks can show their support” says Mark.  Their goal is to raise $8000.00 (USD) in order to make this CD, and if you’d like to help Johnny’s Rockin Angels complete “A Special Gift”, please contact Mark Osborne at dedlinerocks@gmail.com.

Climate Change is also on their minds at JD&A, and Julie is working with Zahid Bashar Pankaj, Music Producer/Musician from Bangladesh on a mostly New Age project that will raise funds to allow Village Kids outside of Dhaka learn about computers and our climate.  Julie is in talks with Luke Morris from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada about joining in on this project. You may show your support on JD&A’s climate project by contacting day.julie@yahoo.com.

Homelessness is a growing concern around the world, and in the United States.  Julie herself has experienced being homeless, and homelessness now reaches into all economic, social, cultural, and psycho-spiritual areas of our society.  In an effort to help the homeless Inn Vision the Way Home, JD&A has included Inn Vision in Santa Clara County, CA within their causes.  Currently JD&A is asking people to give what they are able to at www.InnVision.org  and to give InnVision likes on their Facebook Page.

JD&A regularly has “Poke Fests” on Facebook and the winners receive free downloads of music from their artists/musicians/songwriters.   Get the JD&A ongoing free downloads by clicking here.

Please Keep Enjoying The Music, and visit often at Julie Day & Associates on Facebook for their most up to date news, events, shows, and music… and they’d love it if you’d give them a like too while you’re there.

Julie is a Lyricist, Songwriter, Actor, Singer, and Promoter from the San Francisco Bay Area, and has been writing from the age of nine.  Julie expanded into composing songs after learning to play the guitar and piano around age 12 and after listening to James Taylor, Carol King, and Eagles albums over and over.  Also a Promoter for her associates, Julie is available as a Social Networker for musicians, songwriters, entertainers, and performers. Contact day.julie@yahoo.com and on LinkedIn.

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